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Caen Chapman-Taylor


Caen's unconventional path to becoming a lawyer gives him a unique perspective and problem-solving approach to the law.

Legal expertise

Caen’s Mum tells us that even as a little boy Caen told her he was going to be a lawyer. That said, Caen took a longer path than most in becoming a lawyer.

Once the science degree was completed there was the pre-requisite OE, then onto running small to multinational company operations, owning his own businesses, and building a property portfolio.

Having somewhat of an ah-ha moment, Caen decided to redirect energy outward into community-based charities whilst retraining to become a lawyer.

With wide life experiences and a love for life chances, Caen hasn’t just seen it, he has done it. This results in being relatable to his clients and being able to understand their circumstances whilst developing practical outcomes.

When not working hard Caen is usually playing hard riding motorbikes or being on/in the water with his two sons.

Really helpful and supportive.
Sherryll Irvine
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