With less than 2000 cases and only three deaths, the pandemic in Cambodia has not been a health crisis, but it has been a humanitarian crisis. With no income from tourism, there is little work available which has left people unable to feed their families.

While the focus of the Cambodia Charitable Trust is to create a brighter future for children in Cambodia through education, our fundraising efforts in 2020 were largely concentrated on providing sacks of rice to feed the families of the children we support.

Schools were closed for much of the year, but our staff on the ground in Cambodia ensured that children from our sponsored schools still had remote access, not by digital devices, but by homework sheets delivered to individual villages. We also supported neighbouring schools with the same resources.

As well as sponsoring individual schools and students, CCT helps to train the next generation of teachers. In February, 70 second-year teacher trainees each received a teaching kit with 25 items from CCT to assist with their final practicum in classrooms before they graduate.

All this support cannot be provided without your help. To find out more, visit cctnz.org.nz.

Denise Arnold, Founder.