When buying or selling, the experience needs to be positive and rewarding.

Stress, hidden or extra costs, and frustration can be avoided by seeking legal advice from the outset.

When selling a property within 5 years that is not your main home, your lawyer will assist with tax implications and will organise mortgage repayments.

When buying a unit title, talk to your lawyer about the statutory disclosures the seller is required to make. Your lawyer will assist with signing loan documents, confirming the amount required on settlement day and arranging payments.

Your lawyer can also guide you through purchaser requests to resolve problems with the title and Land Information Memorandum (LIM) report.

Once all the conditions have been met, the agreement is declared unconditional, and you sign the authority that enables your lawyer to transfer the title.

Before settlement, it is recommended the buyer carries out a final inspection and checks the chattels.

The team LOA will work with you to provide sound advice that is tailored to suit your circumstances. Get in touch with our friendly team on 07 928 4422 to make your buying or selling experience stress free.