Are you a landlord of a rental property? Do you know the latest housing standard regulations?

Under the new Healthy Homes Standards all rentals must have heaters that can warm the main living rooms up to 18 degrees Celsius, and have underfloor and ceiling insulation that meets the 2008 Building Code standards, while existing ceiling insulation must have a minimum thickness of 120 millimetres.

Landlords need to ensure their rental properties comply with the new standards within 90 days of any new tenancy commencement date from mid-2021, while Housing New Zealand and registered Community Housing Providers will have until July 2023 to comply.

If the dwelling does not comply with the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 and the Housing Improvement Regulations 1947, a tenant can apply to the TenancyTribunal for a work order against the landlord for not providing a safe and healthy home.

Where the rental cannot lawfully be used for residential purposes a tenant may apply to the Tenancy Tribunal for rent to be repaid to them, because the landlord has received rent that is not lawfully recoverable under the Act.

Rentals that cannot be lawfully used for residential purposes could include illegally converted garages, unconsented dwellings and commercial properties used for residential use.

Speak to us today if you have any questions regarding these standards and whether your rental meets the required standards and regulations.