Communication is key when it comes to legal matters.

Often people become lost and confused, leading to important details being overlooked. And that’s for someone who can speak English. 

As Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty’s population continues to boom and diversify, Lyon O’Neale Arnold is offering a point of difference for the Asian community by acquiring a Chinese translator.  

The Willow Street firm has recently added Fiona Chen as Translator and Community Liaison Officer to its staff.

Born in Chung Chun before moving to New Zealand in 2018 with her family, Fiona is fluent in Mandarin and English.  

In her role, she will act as translator and ensure clients from the Chinese community get quality legal advice from the firm.

“I’m looking forward to assisting clients by breaking down any language barriers or cultural sensitivities,” explains Fiona.

“By helping the lawyer we can communicate clearly with the Chinese clients, and guide them through the process so they understand what they are dealing with.”

Lyon O’Neale Arnold director Denise Arnold says Fiona is an invaluable asset to the firm, providing advice to individuals and businesses that trade in Chinese markets and to the local Chinese community.

She says the firm is proud to offer a point of difference where they strive to always work with their client’s best interest at heart, through communicating and listening.

“At Lyon O’Neale Arnold we welcome diversity, both in our local community and business, and we are delighted to have Fiona join the team. 

“We found from speaking with people involved with the Asian community that it is beneficial to have someone in their corner ensuring nothing is lost in translation.”

Published in The Weekend Sun - May 24, 2019.