The Lyon O’Neale Arnold Law Library Series is back in 2019, offering free, easy-to-understand legal advice.

The series aims to demystify the law by offering sage and simple advice while also debunking common misconceptions around law topics. Welcoming both business owners and individuals, the seminars are tailored around specific topics, including Estate Planning and Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Family Trusts, understanding Relationship Property, and buying and selling Real Estate.

Each series will cover the ‘need-to-knows’ of topics that relate to almost anyone in the broader community.

Some examples of what will be covered in the sessions:

- Estate Planning and Wills - the key parts of one of the most important documents of your lifetime and when challenges can be made if people are not happy with your decisions.

- Powers of Attorney - deciding on a power of attorney and how these documents work.

- Family Trusts - how a Trust works, why you might consider creating one and how to administer it.

- Relationship Property - advice on how to ensure your separate assets remains yours in the event of a separation.

- Buying and selling Real Estate - the different ways property can be sold, the process of buying and selling, and important pre-purchase investigations purchasers should carry out, as well as advice for first home buyers.

This year, four additional sessions will be offered with a Chinese translator.

All sessions are held at both the Tauranga and Papamoa libraries across September, October and November.

Visit our events page for all session dates and times.