The unprecedented events of the past week will see our team at Lyon O’Neale Arnold all work from home for at least four weeks. Sadly, not all businesses have this luxury and our thoughts are with those who have had to close their doors.

For those of you working from home, here are some tips that our team at Lyon O’Neale Arnold will be putting into action to keep productive and avoid cabin fever.

Take breaks.

Unscheduled breaks are often built-in to a day in the office, whether that be a chat with a colleague or ducking out to pick up lunch. Make sure you schedule these breaks into your daily routine at home as well. Take the time to sit down and make lunch or have a coffee break outside. These small things can help lift your focus and productivity.

Work in blocks of time.

If you’re working with children at home, good luck we say! Working a complete ‘9-5’ day as you would in the office may not be realistic, and trying to maintain a regular schedule will create more stress for you and your family. If you and your partner are both working from home, try working in alternating blocks of time so you each get dedicated time throughout the day to focus on your work requirements.

Create an at-home workspace.

Set up a dedicated workspace in your home. Whether it’s working from the kitchen table or in a separate room free from distractions, have a space that helps you get in a focused mindset every day, and helps create a sense of routine.

Stay in touch.

Keep up the communication with your team. Daily, regular video meetings are a great way to ensure everyone is on track and on task.